On the Road to the North

on the roadTaken along the highway, going to Baguio… Super early in the morning the the sun is just rising. Talk about good timing! (And some rhyming? Hehe~!) I have lots more picture to upload later, and much much more pictures to take. BF and I arrived in Baguio a couple of hours ago, and we’re off to have lunch! 🙂


Busy Streets


I was on my way home when I found myself at a spot that’s perfect for a street shot: right above a busy street. I’m not particularly fond of the metal overpasses in Manila — some of them are so rusty, they actually scare me. One thing I appreciate though, aside from the safety of not having to play patintero with the cars, is that I can just stop and look at how so alive the world around me is.

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to Random Writings by E!

A little about me, I’m a traveller, a mountaineer, a gardener, a crocheter, a blogger and a phoneographer. I’m 23, and I recently graduated with an AB in International Studies, Major in Japanese Studies. I tend to do every little thing that catches my interest, so I sometimes lose track of things. Blogging keeps my thoughts organized and it helps me to stay motivated with whatever I am doing at the time.

Anyway, this blog is where I intend to write more personal stuff such as stories about me, my family, and my friends. I keep several, more specific blogs, so I intend to keep this blog as my ‘journal’. I’ll place here my thoughts about my other blogs and some personal ramblings also.

Expect some fun and random stuff!! 😀

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